Urban Smoothie - important benefits of healthy living in european youth

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Internationale Sommer Jugendbegegnung in Rostock / Germany  2018

Herzlich willkommen zu unserem Jugendaustausch in Rostock, der vom 16.07.-23.07.2018 stattfindet. Eine multilaterale und interkulturelle Jugendbegegnung für TeilnehmerInnen zwischen 14 und 21 Jahren in einem selbstbestimmten und gruppendynamischen Umfeld.

Urban Smoothie - internationale Jugendbegegnung Sommer 2018

Wähle einen Workshop, probiere Dich aus, teile deine Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen und verbringe eine Woche zusammen mit 50 Jugendlichen aus den Ländern Polen, Italien, Spanien und Irland.

Essen, Bewegung & gesundes Leben sind die großen Themen dieses Jahres! Bist du dir darüber bewusst, was du isst, was dies mit Dir mach oder wo dein Essen herkommt? Oder willst du einfach nur mal was Neues ausprobieren? Dann hereinspaziert! Deshalb haben wir sinnliche, kreative, gestalterische als auch bewegungsfokussierte Workshops für Dich entwickelt, angeleitet und begleitet von multiprofessionellen TeamerInnen.

Hier die Hard Facts

Wann? 16.07.-23.07.2018

Wo? Rostock / Deutschland

Was? europäischer Sommer-& Jugendaustausch, Workshops und ganztägige Gruppenaktivitäten im Zentrum von Rostock, Unterbringung im Blue Doors Hostel und ganztägige pädagogische Begleitung durch das Team der OKJA von Soziale Bildung e.V.


  1. 1. exercise! (Break Dance)

  2. 2. move! (Theater)

  3. 3. express! (Street Art ,Stencil & Graffiti)

  4. 4. create! (Video)

  5. 5. sing and clap! (Music/ Band/ Song Production)

  6. 6. recipes to go! (cooking& kitchening)

Alter? Du solltest mindestens 14 Jahre alt sein


Die Teilnahme an der Jugendbegegnung kostet insgesamt und für alle Aktivitäten 30 € zuzüglich einer Hostelpauschale für die Unterbringung im Blue Doors Hostel, die noch bekannt gegeben wird

Du solltest über ein Schülerticket verfügen. Sollte der Preis zu hoch sein, melde Dich bitte. Das soll kein Hindernisgrund sein

Wer kommt noch?

Es werden jeweils 10 Jugendliche aus den Ländern Italien, Irland, Spanien und Polen teilnehmen

Ansprechpartner: Stephan Kurth

Anmeldungen unter: s.kurth@soziale-bildung.org / 0049 (0) 381 4615878

Anmeldungen bis: 01.07.2018- Die Plätze sind auf 10 Anmeldungen begrenzt


Urban Smoothie - internationale Jugendbegegnung Sommer 2018


Urban Smoothie” important benefits of healthy living in european youth

International Summer Youth Exchange Rostock/ Germany 16.07.-23.07.2018

welcome to our youth exchange in rostock taking place from 16.07.-23.07.2018. first and foremost an multilateral and intercultural meeting and celebration of youngsters between 14 and 21 years in an self empowering and group dynamic environment. thematical main approach focus on non formal democratic education, self-determination within a community of equals as well as such values as justice, respect, trust and biographical research. popular youth art skills do the talking.

choose a workshop you like, express your background , share your skills and experiences. challenge yourself through getting together with like minded people from different european countries enjoying spare time activities, living and daily courses in break dance, theater & body expression, street art or video/ audio and music. workshops run by more than experienced members of our association, pro trainees and thematically skilled participants in a peer to peer approach method. meet new friends, find new horizons and get new views on social and personal lifes of yours and others surrounding through a wide range of group activities during all the exchange. create an fruity example of a future living together in a united European environment.

Food & healthy living is this years big topic!

Healthy living is an essential component to living and breathing. Making good decisions on what you eat, drink, how often you exercise and whether you wear your seatbelt when you drive ultimately affects your healthy living bubble. Are you being conscience of the decisions you are making, and what impact does it have on your health?

Healthy living is a very broad category, and there are a ton of things that fall under it. It is important that youth understand what healthy living is all about so that they get into a habit of making sound decisions when it comes to choices surrounding healthy living.

This is our call to get the word out to youngsters, adults and volunteers. The work that is being done to educate youth on the importance of healthy eating, being physically active and getting proper rest is growing around all our environments. How this concept can be valued in especially urban surroundings?

When? 16.07.-23.07.2018

Where? rostock/ germany

What? summer youth exchange, workshops and group activities in the centre of rostock. accomodation very close to the main place of activities called peter weiss haus (pwh). a house of non governmental body dedicated to culture and social activities since 2009. team building day prior starting to the workshops :

  1. 1. exercise! (Break Dance)

  2. 2. move! (Theater)

  3. 3. express! (Street Art ,Stencil & Graffiti)

  4. 4. create! (Video)

  5. 5. sing and clap! (Music/ Band/ Song Production)

  6. 6. recipes to go! (cooking& kitchening)

...final presentation will be on sunday 22.07. and much more group experiences through trips to the sea and outside of rostock in the heart of the summertime.

Who is doing it? inviting party is OKJA (“Offene Kinder- & Jugendarbeit”) of soziale bildung e.V. a non governmental organization operating and experienced in social and youth work in the centre of rostock and abroad. well experienced in youth camp and youth exchanges as well as in the daily run of volunteering projects with the main focus of formal and non formal learning in the fields of social awareness and self empowerment.

How about the costs? you are inbetween the age of 14 and 21 years and wanna join in? welcome! The participants fee is 30€ . every costs of your stay (travel to rostock and back, hostel, food) will be covered in it. Please bring some private money to spend on extra in leisure time given.

Where to get in touch?

mail: s.kurth@soziale-bildung.org

phone: 0049 (0) 381 4615878


Thank you so much,

Best regards from rostock

Stephan Kurth / Soziale Bildung e.V.


Offene Kinder- & Jugendarbeit (OKJA)

Soziale Bildung e.V.

Doberaner Str. 21

Rostock 18057 / Germany